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Digital Artwork

limited Edition signed and framed artwork for sale, or become a part of the art in my Port Solent shop, visit today!  Plus graphic design solutions for businesses.


Webdesign Solutions

New Media UK provide cutting edge, responsive and secure websites at unbeatable prices. Solutions to suit all needs and budgets.

Website Management Solutions

Professional web management solutions, Including regular backups, cloud hosting and design time. Your site is in safe hands.

Digital Artwork

Limited Edition digital artwork for sale in store designed by myself using  2D/3D software. All artwork is framed and signed by me.

Bespoke artwork

Bespoke artwork tailored for both personal and business requirements, visit the shop today and become part of the artwork!

Responsive Website Solutions

The effectiveness of a web design is weighed by the users of the website and not the website owners. There are many factors that directly affect the quality and usability of a website. A quality website must be able to provide optimal function in the most appealing form. Websites that are not well designed tend to perform poorly and have low Google analytics metrics such as high bounce rates, low time on site, few pages per visit and low conversions. So what is the secret of a good web design ?

  • Internet Access on Mobile Devices 40%
  • First impressions (Design Related) 94%
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Limited and Bespoke Artwork

Limited edition and bespoke digital artwork for sale in shop. Become part of the artwork, includes photo shoot and artwork design.

Limited Edition Artwork

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